Well Women Exams

When thinking about a well-woman visit you may often picture a hospital gown and your feet in stirrups; however, well-women exams are so much more than just your annual gynecological examination. An annual well-women exam is necessary and important for every woman, as it helps identify and even prevent certain health issues. By catching issues early and figuring out what’s going on, our Sugar Land, TX, board-certified internal medicine doctor Dr. Suman Ravuri can also treat you faster.

Customized Care Just for Women

SAI Medical Care is a female-run medical practice dedicated to providing expert healthcare for women by women in the Sugar Land, TX, community. What is the benefit of having a woman doctor? We understand the unique health needs and challenges you may be experiencing. We take time to listen to your needs and concerns and to craft treatment plans based on those needs. We understand what you’re going through because some of us have been there too. Whether you’re dealing with a chronic health problem, thyroid dysfunction, hormonal imbalance or menopause, our female physician Dr. Ravuri and her team are here to help.

Turning to Us for Well-Women Exams

Well-women exams are more than just gynecological care (even though, these routine checkups are also important for women); you will also need a physician that you can turn to for routine preventive checkups and customized care. Once a year, women of all ages should come into our practice for a comprehensive exam (aka the well women exam). During these exams, we can,

  • Gain a better understanding of the symptoms and issues you’re experiencing
  • Perform comprehensive bloodwork
  • Recommend certain diagnostic and preventive screenings and tests
  • Identify risk factors for certain health problems and provide strategies to reduce your risk
  • Pinpoint signs and symptoms that may require additional testing
  • Provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan that is fully customized to your health and lifestyle

SAI Medical Care provides all-inclusive medical care to adults 18 years old and over. If you need to schedule a routine physical or you are looking for a gynecologist that you can trust to provide gentle, compassionate well-women exams we’d be happy to provide a referral. Just call us at (832) 532-0370 to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Ravuri.